Weddings Budget

Projected Nigerian Weddings Budget:

One of the first things to be considered when planning a wedding is setting a budget, based on how much you have to spend on the wedding. Projecting the overall cost of your upcoming wedding is a key but not certain due to the instability of Nigeria market. Nigeria market price raises from time to time but it will never drop for any reason especially during fuel scarcity. However there are lots of advantages on your side when you project you wedding budget.

Based on our experience as a wedding planners, we have worked with deferent couples over years, this wedding budget is on the typical items couples spend on during their weddings.

Note that projecting you wedding budget is drafting a wedding shopping list capturing all the items and services needed for the wedding which all expenses be incur will be made on.


The Wedding Rings

Wedding rings (bride + groom)         
Wedding ring case         

Bride’s Attire

Buy/ Borrow/ rent a used or pre-owned wedding gown         
Native attire         
Bride’s shoes         
Bridal Accessories: bouquet, veil, headpiece; earrings, necklace etc         
Bridal beauty: Hair/ Nails/ Makeup          

Groom’s Attire

Groom’s Shoes         
Groom’s wedding suit         
Native attire         
Groom’s Accessories (e.g cuff links, belt etc)         
Flower boutonniere/ pocket handkerchief)         
Groom’s Grooming (e.g haircut, beard shaving)         

Stationery & Souvenirs

(Printing of) Invitation cards & program         
Souvenirs/ Favors to gift guests         

Venue & Decoration (for Reception)

Venue hire (incl. necessary rentals such as canopy tents, chairs)         
Decoration: venue, bride n Groom’s cars, venue décor         

Reception Food & Drinks

Wedding Cake (assuming N100/ guest count)          
Drinks/ Juice/ Water        

Reception Entertainment & Visuals

Photography & Video Coverage            
Master of Ceremony (MC)          
DJ only (No Music Band)          


Car and bus hire to transport bride, groom and wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents), close relatives and VIP guests to/ from wedding venues            

Other Vendors (optional)

Wedding planner services         
Food servers        
Miscellaneous (reserved fund, in case of emergency)          

So, YOUR TOTAL WEDDING BUDGET is:          (type your total amount here)

That’s it for our wedding budget checklist of expenses for planning a Nigerian white wedding.

Above is a simple sample of projected wedding budget for average wedding cost. You can add more or reduce the above wedding shopping items list based on what you think is necessary for your wedding. You can also share your wedding budget amount with us for a breakdown on how much to spend on aspect of the wedding need(Attires, Venues, Food & Drinks, Transportation and Visuals).