Wedding Planning Tips.

understanding the clients needs is one of the most important part of handling how the wedding should be planned.

The following is key during wedding planning stage…

1. What is your budget. it is very easy to find a place but you must know your budget first, because planning with out target is useless. you must know your limits in that way after the event you will never feel broke ?

2. pick a place with almost everything. doing an out of town event is a like creating a jigsaw puzzle, after knowing how much would you like to spend in your dream wedding, do the survey and compare each venue’s notes.
#1 food- how much? is it good? what about the portioning?
#2 venue or hall- spacious? classy? #rooms- do they have enough rooms? know your guests needs
#3 parking- do they have enough parking space?
#4 staff- are they easy to dealt with? is there enough manpower on the day of your events? are they helpful?
#5 contingency plan

3. pick a church near to the venue or pick the venue near the church. travel time is very important, most of your guests are professionals and like you they are busy person, it will be complicated to them and a hassle also to you if they will get lost’s finding your church or your venue.   include location map in your wedding invitation.#1 is there a traffic problem from the church to your venue? is the church accessible to all types of guests? do you have senior citizen guests or person with disability? what about the documents needed?

4. event planner or wedding planner. get one for you it will help you lessen your loads and stress before the wedding day, there are so many good planner out there that will help you to make your dream wedding a reality but make sure they are credible.

5. suppliers survey. do the local supplier survey, the local suppliers has a lower costs compare to others but you must also check their work and get some recommendations from their previous clients.

Mojeed Belewu

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